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Dating After Divorce When You’re 50 and Older: STIs: The Sex Talk No One Wants To Have

Divorced for six years, my best friend MaryBeth, a 61-year-old doctor, reluctantly made her third entry into Match.com. “I found this guy,” she said. “He says he’s 58 and he looks like a cowboy. I’m meeting him at Peet’s at five tonight for dinner.” She did, and the sexual magnetism was palpable. They played footsie […]

Re-Inventing Yourself After Divorce: 5 Tips To Dump A Bad Habit For A Good Habit In 20 Days!

I’ll admit it: After my divorce, I checked my former spouse’s Facebook page every morning. It was downright self-destructive to my recovery. The self-pity party it wrought for the entire day didn’t help. Why did I do it? Because prior to the divorce, my then-husband and I wrote messages to each other on Facebook every […]

Dr. Maya Angelou: Her Latest Re-Invention

Dr. Maya Angelou: Her Latest Re-Invention (1928 – 2014) Here’s what the media deluge says: Maya Angelou passed. Stop the presses!  She didn’t really die. She simply did what this magnificent literary genius has always done: she re-invented herself – again. For Maya Angelou, re-invention was survival – all of her life – dodging, slamming, […]