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Body Image Blues: Shopping When Nothing Fits

Sometimes, practicing what you preach is not as easy as it looks. My daughter and I stepped through the doors of a tasteful, elegant, and very expensive retailer. We were immediately immersed in racks of lovely clothing to adorn the woman of style in her 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. I asked to have four beautiful outfits brought to me. I could see myself modeling them for the gentleman I’m dating, and feeling oh-so-confident in front of my next audience of beautiful, zesty women. Then I tried them on. Nothing fit. I began to get that horrible feeling that I call fitting-room fatigue. I didn’t like my body. Then my daughter put both hands on my shoulders and said, “Stop those self-defeating thoughts right now!”

An Unexpected Wake-Up Call

  So there we were, my daughter and I, nestled in our seats at an off-Broadway play in the Big Apple. The show was Mr. Burns, a smart, offbeat play in which cartoon character Bart Simpson and his friends help a post-apocalyptic America recover. Since every word counted, my daughter and I were the picture […]

Press Release

 CHECK OUT KAT’S NEW PRESS RELEASE! Personal-Growth Expert Teaches Women at Midlife How to Solve Body-Image Problems Personal-Growth Coach Katherine Forsythe, MSW, Gives Actionable Six-Step Plan  to “Exhale Midlife Body Blues” San Francisco (November 21, 2013) – Personal-growth coach Katherine Forsythe, M.S.W., has just published an essential and entertaining how-to guide for women 50 and […]

Starting Over, Again and Again

“The world is your oyster! You’re just getting started.” The speaker was the police chief of Ferndale, Michigan. The time was June, 1966, and the event was my high school graduation. The chief’s task was a formidable one – enlightening us about life’s opportunities on a muggy, sticky day in early summer. I wondered, “What […]