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Personal-Growth Expert Teaches Women at Midlife How to Solve Body-Image Problems

Personal-Growth Coach Katherine Forsythe, MSW, Gives Actionable Six-Step Plan

 to “Exhale Midlife Body Blues”

San Francisco (November 21, 2013) – Personal-growth coach Katherine Forsythe, M.S.W., has just published an essential and entertaining how-to guide for women 50 and over on navigating the tsunami of physical changes that begin at midlife.

Exhale Midlife Body Blues: 6 Steps to Loving Your Body at Midlife and Beyond ($18.95, Second Wind Publishing) shares six clear, actionable steps to manage the social challenge of “age gain” and train a new way of thinking that promotes confidence, and vitality. Exhale Midlife Body Blues also includes worksheets, tips, humorous anecdotes and motivational quotations to encourage and inspire readers.

“You will learn how to craft a unique, positive internal dialogue and tell the voices of doubt to take a hike,” said Forsythe. “The six steps I give in Exhale Midlife Body Blues will help you love your life as it is now, every day.”

Exhale Midlife Body Blues not only gives women 50 and over concrete steps to manage their body issues, Forsythe said, but to also manage their selves to live a happier, healthier and more intentional life.

The Michigan native wrote Exhale Midlife Body Blues after undergoing her own painful midlife journey. After her marriage of 34 years ended, Forsythe packed up her belongings, moved from suburbia to San Francisco, and started a new life. She quickly learned that while she revived her outward appearance, her inner self remained mired in negativity and self-blame.

Forsythe drew from her master’s degree in social work with a specialty in women’s sexuality, her experience in communication skills coaching, and her background as a therapist to create a six-step plan to pull herself  — and other women — out of the doldrums.  The result is Exhale Midlife Body: 6 Steps to Loving Your Body at Midlife and Beyond.

The book is available in three versions: paperback, eBook, and digital audio. It can be purchased on and on

About Katherine Forsythe

Katherine Forsythe has 30 years of experience as a speaker, author, personal-growth coach, communications expert, intimacy educator, therapist and relationship consultant. She received her master’s degree in social work from the University of Cincinnati. Exhale Midlife Body Blues is her second book. Her first, Sexperienced: Guide for the Seasoned Woman Seeking New Possibilities, is also available at

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